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Gloster Gladiator II

A section of Gloster Gladiators diplaying the 'RT' code letters of No.112 Squadron. This unit,
along with No.80 and No.33 Squadrons fought over the skies of Greece and Crerte during early                                                                    
1941 in Gladiators before bring re-equipped with Hurricanes.

Bristol Blenheim I

A section of short-nosed
Bleinheim I bombers carrying the codes 'VA' denoting 84 Squadron
RAF which was involved in the Greek campaign. Blenheim Is also equipped RAF squadrons in
Malaya, December 1941.

Bristol Bombay II

A section of Bristol Bombay Mk.II wearing the markings of 216 Squadron RAF Middle Eastern
Transport Command. The Bombay freighter was often pressed into service as a night bomber.
It could carry a handy 2,600 lb bomb load and a range of 2,250 miles. It could cruise at 240 kts.

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