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Fairey Swordfish

A flight of Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers. They were nick-named 'Stingbags' by the
FAA because of all the useful loads of weapony and ordnance they could carry. Bombs,
depth charges, mines, torpedos even rockets! 

These open cockpit planes really need some aircrew otherwise the look a bit 'Marie
Celeste-ish', ghost planes that fly with no crew! I was not very satisfied with the image
of the Swordfish in the game with no crew members and pre-war 1936 style colour scheme.
These ones are actually carrying a torpedo as well. Now they look like they mean business!

Fairey Albacore

A section of Fairey Albacores from 826 Squadron Fleet Air Arm in early 1941 livery when based
on HMS Formidable during the Cape Matapan battle. The Albacore also operated from land
bases and was used extensively at Malta and in the Western desert during 1942. They never
replaced the old Swordfish.  

Gloster Sea Gladiator

The Carrier based version of the RAF's last biplane fighter. These are in the colours of the
Sea Gladiators based on HMS Eagle in early 1941.
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