Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation for CAW
List of aircraft graphics files completed so far.

As at, 1st January 2010.

These names are all unique so they will not interfere with any of the game's
original plane graphic files.

When you are entering these new graphics into your installation of CAW
using the game editor - 'Edit Plane Types' section, please be
careful to
type the names of the planes exactly as they appear in this table otherwise
they will not appear. Note spaces between letters and numbers, be aware of
difference between number '1' and capital letter 'I'  etc.

Douglas A-24 Banshee

Hurricane MkI Trop                   

Reggiane Re 2000 CV

B-17E Flying Fortress                  

He 111H

 Blackburn Skua II

B-26A Marauder                          

Junkers Ju 87 i CV

 Bristol Bombay

BF 109E Trop

Junkers Ju 88

Hudson III Med

BF 110D

Macchi MC 200


Blenheim IVF Trop                      

Martin Maryland                    


Bristol Blenheim IF                     

P-40E Warhawk       


Bristol Blenheim IV                    

RAAF 75 Sqn Kittyhawk         


Cant Z501

RAAF 76 Sqn Kittyhawk


Cant Z506

RAAF Beaufighter IC               


Cant Z1007

RAAF Boston III                        


Dornier Do 24

RAAF Bristol Beaufort             


Dutch Buffalo

RAAF Buffalo 453 Sqn             


Dutch CW-21 Demon    

RAAF Catalina 11 Sqn            


Dutch Dornier Do24

RAAF Hudson 1 Sqn               


Dutch Hawk 75A

RAAF Hudson 8 Sqn               


Dutch Hurricane IIB

RAAF Wirraway                      


Dutch Martin 139 WH-2

RAF Gladiator II


Dutch Martin 139 WH-3

Sea Hurricane 1941


FAA Sea Gladiator                        

Sea Hurricane 1942


Fairey Albacore                           

SM 79


Fairey Fulmar                               

SM 81


Fairey Seafox                               

Short Sunderland I                


Fairey Swordfish                         

Supermarine Walrus            


Fiat BR 20

Swordfish Floatplane           


Fiat CR 32

Vickers Vildebeest                


Fiat CR 42 CV

Wellington IC                         


Grumman Martlet III

IMAM Ro 43


Grumman Wildcat CS                

Ju 87B Snake


Hawker Hurricane IIB                

Bristol Blenheim I


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