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These three are hypothetical for the CAW Cape Matapan Scenario. They are meant to be aircraft
that might have been operated by the Regia Marina (WW2 Italian Navy) off the 'Aquila' aircraft
carrier. The Aquila was built but never went into action. The Squadron codes are fictious, In
reality, there were no Italian squadrons were in the 500s.
Originally, I got the colours wrong with
the Fiat and Stuka. They were in a light blue grey. I redid these in the more authentic dark sea
grey colour
(Grigio Azzurro Scuro) used by the Italian Navy for their aircraft. They look a bit better

Fiat CR 42 CV

Junkers Ju 87 i CV

Reggiane Re 2000 CV

This version of the Reggiane fighter was actually used on some Italian ships. It was catapulted
off cruisers like Ro 43s. In a book I have the Italians were planning to use the Reggiane on the
aicraft carrier 'Aquila'. It would make a fairer opponent to Sea Hurricanes or Martlets.
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