Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation for CAW

  Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation for 'Carriers at War'


Updated 1st January 2010.  -- (RAAF Aircraft page 4)


I have created this page to display some graphic addons I have made
for Matrix Games'
'Carriers at War' game, produced b
'The Stategic Studies Group'

The graphic files partly demonstrated on the pages linked to the left side
of this page are made by me and are purely for fun and are available for free.

If you are interested in adding these images to your 'Carriers at War' game
you can contact me at this E-mail address:                                                                                 
I will email them all these .srf files as a zip file attachment. Less than 1mb so far!                                                                                                                                
These graphics come in the form of a system resource file (.srf) so all you
need to do is place them into the 'planes' folder of the 'resources' folder
of you 'Carriers at War' installation, then add them to the various scenarios
you want to see them in, using the game editor.

All of the .srf files I make contain the the formation image, the single profile
image, the top down sprite, the shadow sprite, the small shadow sprite and
the glow sprite.

I use Paint Shop Pro to produce these images. I try to add details like
pilots and gunners to most of them and different code letters or numbers
to the various aircraft in a formation. The two letter codes are
authentic and historical. The colour schemes and insignia are meant to
coincide with the actual period of WWII when these battles occurred.

If you have any specific requests. Let me know.



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